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Contract. (A contract containing this text will require your signed and dated agreement before our first session commences)  Click here to open a pdf of the contract that you can print and keep for your own records if you wish.

Working Together:

It is important that the client (herein referred to as ‘you’) is comfortable within our working relationship in order for it to be a positive and therapeutic experience.  If at any point you feel that any part of the therapy is not right for you, we can discuss possible referrals.



Sessions can vary in length.  Our sessions will commence at a pre-agreed time and, if necessary, be for a pre-agreed period and number.  The number of sessions can be ongoing as required, depending on your specific needs.



Everything you wish to discuss and explore is confidential.  However, if during the course of our work together, I consider that you are likely to cause serious harm to either yourself or others, I retain the right to consult or inform an outside authority including any of the following; my supervisor, your Doctor or the Police.  I will endeavour to inform you of my decision and explain my reasons why prior to carrying out this action, however, I retain the right to do so without prior consultation with you should I consider the urgency of the situation requires me to act immediately to safeguard the safety and wellbeing of yourself and/or others.  I am also obliged by law to report acquired knowledge of terrorism, drug trafficking or the handling of proceeds of crime without notifying you.



As a therapist I have a Supervisor with whom I may discuss our work together.  I may also discuss our work during ongoing training, in all cases your anonymity will be respected.  My supervision helps to ensure that you receive a high quality of care.



Brief records of our sessions will be made and are confidential.  These records will not identify you.



You (the Client) shall indemnify and hold the Practitioner harmless for any loss or liability arising from any actions taken or situations created as a result of the therapeutic relationship.


Ethical Practice:

I abide by the Havening Techniques Code of Conduct and Ethics for Certified Practitioners (a copy of which is available to you on request).  This covers the ethical considerations given to the client as we, as therapists, attempt to ensure the clients safety and wellbeing at all times. It is important that clients also respect that the relationship entered into with a therapist is above all a professional one where contact outside of sessions is not considered ethical.



£45 per hour, payable before the commencement of the session.



In the event of a cancellation requirement, I will give you as much notice as possible.  Please provide at least 24 hours notice if you need to cancel a session.

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