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About me.

am  available for appointments through Skype, Facetime and other video conferencing software as well

as face-to-face  appointments if we are in the same part of the world.  Evening sessions  are available.

consider  myself  friendly,  approachable  and  professional.   By  using  person  centred  approach,  I

consider  benificence  as  paramount  in  our  sessions  and  therapeutic  relationship.   This  means  that  I

may recommend  another  certified  Havening  Techniques  practitioner  if  believe  they  would  be  better

placed to help you.


After  personally  experiencing the  benefits of Havening in my own life, I travelled to New  York to observe

the teachings of Dr Ronald Ruden (developer of the Havening Techniques) in 2014, completing my

training shortly after.


apply  Havening  as  stand-alone  therapy,  tailoring  sessions  to  individually  address  each  client’s

wellbeing.  I also specialise in public speaking, corporate coaching and sports peak performance work.

With Dr. Ruden in  New York

Having worked in the corporate world for many years from SME’s to FTSE 40 businesses, I have a solid understanding of the pressures exerted within a modern office environment.


I have experienced excellent results with a wide range of issues and have been able to help clients emotionally detach from memories that have troubled them for over 50 years in a matter of minutes.  Sometimes the origin of the emotional discomfort is not immediately apparent.  We will work together to discover how Havening will benefit you most.

I am also an accredited Belief Change Practitioner, using a recognised 6-stage, powerful process that leads to a rapid, lasting and authentically empowered belief change (which is usually achieved within 1 session).  Commonly this is effective when the client has a strongly held (and often limiting) belief, that can then be turned into another, more helpful and fulfilling one, so enabling them to fulfil their potential. 


Havening can be used to help permanently attach these new beliefs as well as remove unwanted fears and anxieties around the adoption of those new beliefs.

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